маршрут & карта

(route, itinerary, waybill) & (map)

From the touristic main sights of West-Russia to the geographical center of this gargantuan country, we travel through 5 time zones. I think it’ll be five – since this country has 11 time zones in total. Motherfucking 10 time zones in a continuous landmass, world record)

St. Petersburg
Start in Moscow
The first five days will be spent in the Kremlin chatting with WWP about WWIII and CCCP 2.0
See the gold in St Petersburg
Next we spent another five days and four nights in the old capital.
Board the Trans-Sib
Three days and nights aboard the most legendary Trans-Siberian Express, connecting Europe with Asia and passing 10 time zones
Wrestle bears in Siberia
Wrestling with local bears, visiting Helene Fischer’s birthplace, camping in the wild and sweating in Banjas