Russia? Be careful!

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Russia == The wild east

In the weeks and months leading to this adventure, people reacted very differently, but in the majority Germans were bewildered as to how and why one would go to Russia for three weeks. While no one care if you tell them about Highway 1 in California and your RV journey on it or your super-beautiful beach vacation on the Seychelles, going to Russia appears to be this extraordinary non-vacation.

Without a Russian by my side, always by my side, never leaving my side I might would not consider venturing to this vast country, but even as a critic of Russia, the amount of stereotypes and general negative attitude towards Russia bewildered me.

Don't fly with a Russian airline, they aren't safe

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I know a guy who got mugged like five times, even from a cab driver

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Rarely would I find someone with an encouraging info nugget they have about Russia

People seem to equal Russia with an extreme safari or adventure to the unknown – but not with tourism to a regular country

Why would you travel there? Who goes to Russia?

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Wow, such an adventure, aren't you scared?

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